Editorial Board

  • Dr. Mahfuzul Hoque, Department of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Dhaka.
    Email: eic@jfmg.bicm.ac.bd

Managing Editors
  • Wajid Hasan Shah, Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market. (ex-officio Director Studies, BICM).
    Email: ed2@jfmg.bicm.ac.bd
  • Dr. Suborna Barua, Department of International Business, University of Dhaka.
    Email: ed1@jfmg.bicm.ac.bd

Associate Editors
  • Dr. Javed Siddiqui, University of Manchester Business School
  • Dr. Sisira Colombage, Federation University Australia
  • Dr. Moorad Choudhry, Recognise Bank, UK
  • Dr. M. Sadiqul Islam, University of Dhaka
  • Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, Department of Banking and Insurance, University of Dhaka
  • Dr. Gazi Mohammad Hasan Jamil, Department of Finance, University of Dhaka
  • Dr. Melita Mehjabeen, Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka

Editorial Board Members
  • Dr. Micol Alexandria Chiesa, Bain & Company and University of Oxford
  • Dr. Madurika Nanayakkara, Department of Commerce and Financial Management, University of Kelaniya
  • Dr. Atiur Rahman, Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka
  • Dr. M. Azizul Islam, University of Aberdeen Business School
  • Dr. Shahzad Nasir Uddin, University of Essex Business School
  • Dr. Waquar Ahmed, DeGroote School Of Business, McMaster University
  • Dr. Ataur Rahman Belal,The University of Sheffield
  • Dr. Mostafa Monzur Hasan, Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, Macquarie University
  • Dr. Rezwanul Hasan Rana, University of Southern Queensland

Editorial Assistant
  • Dr. Tamanna Islam, Assistant Professor, Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market. Email : ea@jfmg.bicm.ac.bd

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