LAUNCHING ISSUE: Role of financial markets in economic development/ Volume 1, Issue 1

Original Research Article | Open Access

Nexus between Price Earnings (P/E) Ratio and Financial Performance of Commercial Banks: Dynamic Panel Evidence from Bangladesh
Raad Mozib Lalon, xxxx Tanvir Mahmud xxxx
Published Online: 9 December 2021 | Published In Print: 28 December 2021 |



This paper aims to reveal the relationship between the determinants of financial performance and stock performance measured with reference to the Price-Earnings (P/E) ratio. It examines Panel Data of 10 years covering from 2010 to 2019 of seven Private Commercial Banks (PCBs) of Bangladesh enlisted in the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). Several hypotheses and econometric models have been estimated with the Pooled Ordinary Least Squares (Pooled OLS), Generalized Least Squares (GLS), Fixed-effect, and Random-effect, followed by various diagnostic tests to examine the validity of the models selected for this study. Finally, the One-step Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) method has been adopted. The empirical investigation shows that among the entire set of the variables, only the Net Profit Margin (NPM) ratio has a significant impact on the P/E ratio under Random-effect, GLS, and Pooled OLS. Finally, the model developed for the One-step GMM method has revealed that the inclusion of the Lagged P/E ratio, Leverage, NPM ratio, Net Interest Margin (NIM) ratio, Asset Utilization Ratio, and Non-Performing Loan (NPL) ratio have a statistically significant dynamic impact on the P/E ratios of the PCBs. However, the Liquidity ratio and the Loans to Asset ratio divulged no statistical significance under any of the estimated models.