LAUNCHING ISSUE: Role of financial markets in economic development/ Volume 1, Issue 1

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The Causal Relation between Revenue and Expenditure of Bangladesh
Jafrul Shahriar Jewel xxxx
Published Online: 9 December 2021 | Published In Print: 28 December 2021 |



Bangladesh is a developing country that has been experiencing budget deficits since its independence in 1971. It means the government spending has been exceeding the government revenue. This phenomenon calls for a study of government spending or expenditure and government revenue. This study tries to establish a causal relation between expenditure and revenue of governments of Bangladesh. To accomplish this, this study uses the Vector Autoregressive (VAR) model and the Granger Causality model on the data for the financial year from 1993-1994 to 2017-2018. The study reveals that in the context of Bangladesh, total revenue affects total expenditure, whereas total expenditure does not affect total revenue.