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JFMG is Published by Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market
Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market (BICM) was established on July 24, 2008 as an institute to impart practical capital market education and training. The Institute is gradually emerging as a center of excellence for professional development of capital market intermediaries and full spectrum of market professionals through disseminating recent and updated theoretical and practical knowledge.

The institute fulfilled the long felt demand of market intermediaries as well as development partners. The idea was first mooted by Chittagong Stock Exchange and a feasibility study was carried out under World Bank managed multi-grant TA, FIRST initiative. The expatriate consultants recommended setting-up a “Securities Institute” in Bangladesh for bridging the gap between the competence and skills required and exist. Later, the UNDP as well as the ADB under their respective TA recommended for establishment of a “Securities Industries Development Center” and a “National Capital Market Institute” autonomous in nature.

BICM currently offers academic degree programs and training on an extensive range of topics related to financial markets and institutions. Furthermore, BICM, with the help of its internal faculties and external collaborations, produces high-quality market and policy research for the financial market stakeholders and the regulators.

Details about BICM’s programs and research are available at: